Creating a Song: Getting Started with Ableton Live 9

So the first step to going through the process of releasing a song and tracking revenues is to actually have a song to release.  I’m not a producer by any means, but am familiar with creating software, some really basic music theory and audio editing apps like Adobe Audition with my podcast.  I was hoping I could use an old Impulse Tracker app I used to play with as a kid but sadly it doesn’t want to load on a modern computer:

Pretty sure it has more memory than it's ever seen...

Pretty sure it has more memory than it has ever seen…

So instead I grabbed a free trial of Ableton Live 9.

The first tutorial I found and went through was How to make an “electro house” track, which is in two parts:

While it’s a bit outdated I could still follow along with Live 9, and does an excellent job explaining the basic functionality involved with making a song.  He also references a piano music theory which I’ll need to check out, since my theory is limited.  I play guitar which fortunately doesn’t need sheet music.

I also need to finish going through this whole tutorial from Laidback Luke on creating a track with Ableton Live but the first part I’ve seen has been excellent:

One thing that confused me right at the beginning of this was the file formats. He mentions having a great kick, and there’s a great free kick that you can download but it comes as a set (.ALP) file, not as an instrument rack that you can import into an existing song. To do so you need to open the project, then click the save icon:

Where to click in Ableton Live 9 to save an instrument rack from a set

Where to click in Ableton Live 9 to save an instrument rack (.ADG) from a set (.ALP)

Then you can open an existing project and drag that .ADG file into your song.  I created a short video on it:


After a couple hours I have this track.  The next number one, I think.  Whoever said EDM was quick to make and master obviously hasn’t tried doing it themselves.